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Want to make new friends join a group for a Peru trekking, hiking or climbing trip in: The Cordillera Huayhuash or Cordillera Blanca?

We have the following groups either already confirmed and our clients would like others to join with them for extra company, or we have clients looking for trekking partners to form a group with.

If you would like to join up with a group, we can put you in contact with the other people who booked the trek or climb so you can say  hello and get to know each other before you meet up in Huaraz.

When joining our Peru treks or climbs our maximum group size is from 6 to 8 people.

This page is regularly updated, so keep checking!

Updated:  15 August 2017


Confirmed Trips:
Confirmed trips signify that the clients have confirmed with us that they will be doing the trip, have set the dates and have been sent booking documents to complete. When you contact us, we will advise if the deposit and final confirmation has been received yet.
Trip are finally confirmed when the deposit has been received.





Trek or Climb Trip N° Days Dates 2017 Trips
*4 day Santa Cruz Llanganuco Trek 04 From 04 September to 07 September
*8 Day Cordilera Huayhuash Mini Trek 08 From 08 September to 15 September
 *10 Day Cordillera Huayhuash Trek 10  From 17 September to 26 September 
 *10 day Cordillera Huayhuash Trek Llamac to Llamac 10  From 27 September to 06 October 



Trek or Climb Trip N° Days Dates 2017 Trips
*4 day Climbing Pisco 04 From 08 October to 11 October


Looking for Trekking or Climbing Partners

These people would like to do a trek or climb, but would like others to join with them for some nice company and to share costs

Trek or Climb Trip N° Days Dates 2017 Trips



JULY 2018

Trek or Climb Trip N° Days Dates 2018 Trips
*8 day Cordillera Huayhuash Mini Trek 08 From 09 July to 16 July


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