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Peruperu trek with visa

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 Information: It helps us to know:

* Which treks or climbs you are interested in

* Approximately how many days you would like to be trekking or climbing

* Approximate dates or the month for your planned trip and the total number of days for your trip, from arriving in Lima to departing from Lima

* How many people you are.

*What Country you are from.


We can then send you suggestiong for treks or clims that you would enjoy and a suggested itinerary. together with pricing.


Reply: If you do not recive a reply from us whiting 3 days of sending your inquiry, can you please resend your email. We sometimes have problems with the email server treating emails recieved as spam

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Trip Information / Plagiarism in Huaraz
From your first contact with us you will be sent comprehensive information about our services, trip descriptions, meals, safety and professional booking documents.
This information has been prepared by us and is confidential to Peruvian Andes Adventures. We are aware that several agencies in Huaraz have copied and plagiarised documents that we have invested considerable time and financial resources in developing to provide quality complete information to our clients.
If you receive information, documentation and photos from other Huaraz agencies that is identical or very similar to information we provide to you, it is very likely that this will have been copied directly from our Peruvian Andes Adventures documentation without authority and is being utilised by other operators who have invested no effort at all in preparing


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